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Treetops School of Early Learning has formed a relationship with Connolly Primary School to support the children in our communities transition from our education and care service into Primary School. 

Our Pre Kindy Early Learning Professionals will be collaborating with the Early Years Department at Connolly Primary to exchange information and collaborate on strategies to ensure children are confident to transition into the School Environment including,

  • Becoming comfortable with a school  like routine

  • Talking to children about school, and encouraging them to ask questions or voice their concerns

  • Arranging visits to local primary schools to meet kindy teachers and tour the setting

  • Inviting school students to visit the service to talk about what school is like

  • Reading stories about starting school

  • Including school props, such as uniforms, bags, lunch boxes, and chalk boards in dramatic play areas

  • Support children to develop their self-help and social skills through every day routine activities such as meal times when children will practice using lunch boxes and drink bottles (In term 4)

  • Providing literacy items such as reading and writing materials in everyday play activities

  • Learning verbal skills to communicate effectively with peers

  • Becoming self-reliant to select and complete activities

  • Learning about the sustainability and environment

  • Respect and care for room materials and environment

  • Participate and engage in play with other children, showing the ability to share, co-operate, take turns and develop social skills

  • Separate confidently from parents and guardians

  • Show feelings towards others and their belongings

  • Participate in pack away routines

  • Follow instructions and develop self-help skills

  • Follow the room indoor/outdoor limits and often guide peers

  • Becoming attentive during group times, listening and participating in discussions

  • Use of manners and being respectful during social situations

  • Becoming independent in managing personal hygiene needs

  • Having the confidence to express individuality through the arts for example: drama, music, art and craft

  • Exploring and showing respect for the natural environment

  • Engaging with the wider community

  • Developing gross motor skills and physical abilities

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