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How Much Childcare Subsidy Can I Recieve?

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is calculated using:

  • Your combined family income

  • The level of ‘activity’

  • Your childcare provider’s hourly rate

  • How many children under five you have in childcare

Low income families on annual incomes of $70,015 p.a. or less who don’t meet the activity test, can access 24-hours of subsidised care per fortnight without having to meet the activity test. Families who previously used the Budget Based Funded system will also be eligible for childcare fee assistance.

From 7 March 2022, families with more than one child aged five or under in care can get a higher CCS. The high subsidy will be paid to their second child and younger children. The standard rate child is usually the eldest child aged five or under and the younger child / children will get the higher subsidy. Eligible children will get a 30% higher subsidy up to a maximum of 95%. If you have children born on the same day, such as twins, Services Australia should be contacted to ensure one child is determined as receiving the standard CCS rate with the other, the higher rate.

If you’re looking to apply for the childcare subsidy for the first time or have any questions about the new system, please visit the Australian Government website for more information.

Subsidies will be paid directly to Treetops School of Early Learning and we will then pass them on to you as a fee reduction. You will then pay the difference between the subsidy and the fees charged.

Most families earning $70,015 p.a. or less will receive a subsidy
of 85% (subject to CCS hourly rate cap)

Families earning over $70,015 p.a. will see their subsidy gradually decrease to 50% when their income reaches $175,015 p.a.

Families earning over $175,015 p.a. will see their subsidy gradually decrease to 20% when their income reaches $354,305 p.a.

Families with incomes of $354,305 p.a. or more will receive zero benefit

Who is eligible?

  • Your child is under thirteen, not attending secondary school and meets immunisation requirements

  • You or your partner, claiming the Child Care Subsidy, must meet residency requirements and also satisfy the Child Care Subsidy activity test

For the higher subsidy rate, be earning less than $354,305 and have more than one child aged five or under in care.

From July 2022, the CCS system is being enhanced to recognised combined families, where there are diverse family circumstances and each parent or carer is receiving CCS for different children in their family. Services Australia will backpay the higher subsidy amount to affected families for the period March to July 2022.

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