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Treetops School of Early Learning educational curriculums are child focused. Educators reflect on ways that a child’s interests, strengths, experiences, culture, family, community and spirit can be explored to provide the children with endless learning opportunities. Educators act upon spontaneous experiences as well as providing intentional teaching experiences aimed at extending upon interests and developing skills. We aim to collaborate with families to gain information that can be extended upon through our curriculum so please feel free to share any special ideas, experiences or traditions to be shared with the centre and children. If you or a family member has a special talent to share with your child’s class, please let us know. This may be,

  • Playing a musical instrument

  • Sharing a job occupation

  • Sharing a special talent

  • Anything that could be used to teach the children about our community or an educational experience

The Early Years Learning Framework Australia informs the development of our philosophy and curriculum which aims to enhance each child’s learning and development through play-based learning

Treetops School of Early Learning uses a software called Storypark. Children’s development and learning both individually and in groups is documented and sent to families via a secure app which can be installed on your mobile or via email. We aim to connect you with your child and their learning during their time with us. And we know you love to see photos of what your little ones up too during the day!

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