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Treetops School of Early Learning employs qualified early learning professionals.

  • Assistant Educators have a Certificate Three Level Qualification

  • Senior Educators & Room Leaders have a Diploma Level Certificate Qualification or Early Childhood Teaching Degree


Our educators are passionate about early years education. It is our role to nurture, facilitate and support children’s learning through a play-based curriculum, where educators engage in intentional teaching and

extend on spontaneous experiences to ensure every child has the opportunity for optimal development.


Our educators believe that for children to excel to their full potential there is a need to provide continuity of care, so they feel safe and secure in their environments. Therefore, Treetops School of Early Learning aims to employ educators’ long term so they can build an ongoing relationship with each child and family. Children will then be able to develop the skills to foster long term relationships, which will assist them in their future interactions.

Professional development, ongoing training and reflection is an important part of all educator’s professionalism and career growth at Treetops School of Early Learning.

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Centre Owner and Director - Jessica

I have worked in early years education and care for twenty years in various roles and have spent the last ten years managing early years services, I am also a Mum of one.

With a passion for creating inspiring and engaging learning environments for children, I am inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy and believe children learn through play in relationship driven environments with a focus on the centre as a community of families, children and educators.

I believe in nature based learning and providing children with the opportunity to be outside as much as possible!

It is my aim to lead a team of passionate early years professionals to deliver an exceptional service to the community.

Please feel free to stop by or contact me for any information regarding the service, my door is always open.

Management Team

                                   Assistant Director & Educational Leader Miss Jayde                 3IC & Room Leader Miss Amelia


Kitchen Team

                                                             Qualified Educator Miss Amy                Qualified Educator Miss Liz


Nursery Numbats Team - 3 months - 18 months

   Room Leader Miss Ayla                   Assistant Director & EL Miss Jayde             Early Childhood Teacher Miss Kirsty       

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Baby Bilby's Team - 18 months - 2.5 years


  Room Leader Miss Naz        Qualified Educator Miss Stella         Assistant Educator Miss Vladana         Assistant Educator Miss Emily      Assistant Educator Miss Saskia

EMILY T1.jpg

Toddler Turtles Team - 2.5 years - 3.5 years

3IC & Room Leader Miss Amelia    Qualified Educator Miss Jasmin     Assistant Educator Helen          Qualified Educator Miss Sarah     Assistant Educator Miss Karen

Jas T.jpg
Helen S.jpg

Kindy Koalas Team - 3.5 years - 5 years


     Room Leader & ECT Miss Emma              ECT Miss Delaney                     ECT  Miss Marie              Qualified Educator Miss Martina           ECT Miss Laura

Screenshot (103).png
Martina S.jpg

Support Team

   Qualified Educator Miss Jenny            Assistant Educator Miss Rina          Qualified Educator Miss Kirsty                ECT Miss Amy               Assistant Educator Miss Danielle 



   Assistant Educator Miss Dani           Assistant Educator Miss Cece               Assistant Educator Miss Emily             Assistant Educator Miss Joan      Assistant Educator Miss Ellen


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